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    developing a thicker skin

    It is inevitable that some people will disparage anything you do, good or bad. It hurts but Im developing a thicker skin and at the end of the day it matters what you do, not what other people say. The only thing I can really promise about the future is that some point Ill make another mistake and royally screw things up and all I can do is be grateful for the people that remember were all human and the sooner we can move on the sooner we can get back to work. (Matt Mullenweg, 2005) Quote di atas patut dicatet, terutama buat mereka yang berkecimpung di dunia Jurnalisme atau Tulis Menulis (atau bidang apapun sih) yang akan berhadapan dengan orang banyak. Apapun yang kita lakukan, apapun yang kita tulis, meskipun itu dengan niat baik, pasti akan selalu ada orang yang tidak suka.


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